CONVERGENCE: a show about the future is a live show (and soon-to-be podcast) that brings together two people from vastly different fields to explore how emerging science and tech will affect culture, society, and politics in the near future. Together with a curious and often passionate audience, host Meehan Crist and her guests grapple with the questions we need to ask today to help shape the future we want tomorrow. Each event, which is recorded live at Caveat, brings out themes and ideas that go missing when conversations stay siloed. You can find more information about past and upcoming shows here.


Previous shows include:

AUTOMATION AND THE FUTURE OF WORK, with labor journalist Jessica Bruder and machine learning researcher David Blei

PRIVATIZATION AND THE FUTURE OF SPACE, with geologist and curator of the AMNH meteorite collection Denton Ebel and policy journalist Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

ARTIFICIAL WOMBS AND THE FUTURE OF BIRTH, legal and ethics scholar Kimberly Mutcherson and medical historian and author Randi Hutter Epstein

RISING SEAS AND THE FUTURE OF CITIES, with Senior Director of Climate Policy and Programs & Chief Resilience Officer for NYC Dan Zarrilli and geologist and ice sheet researcher Robin Bell

THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET, with technologist Breta Byrum and filmmaker, author, and activist Astra Taylor

THE FUTURE OF POLICING, with political scientist Naomi Murakawa and technology and social justice scholar Virginia Eubanks

Excerpts available here:

An Interview with Jessica Bruder and David Blei,” The Believer

Mining the Sky: Meehan Crist, Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, and Denton Ebel on AstrocapitalismLogic Magazine